Visjon Sandsli – Statoil

Project details

Location: Bergen, Norway

Size: 80 000m²

Client: Statoil

Recognition: 1. Prize invited competition

Built: 2014

Project description

The extensive, park-like building interior, with a diverging treatment of green surfaces for pauses, relaxation, meetings and festivities forms the centre of the building. The driveway and footpath have been laid out as stretches of park nestled between rows of trees. The main communication axis has been applied clearly and steadily as a brush stroke, diagonally through the facilities, the line from the entrance is picked up by the bridge span toward the west.

This is where the construction has its secondary access. The common areas, the visitors’ centre, the meeting rooms, coffee bar and cafeteria, are gathered in a new building with an enticing pavilion look and they are in close contact with the surrounding building interiors. The sheltered, enclosed pedestrian axes to the three groups of buildings stand out clearly in relation to the main axis. Buildings R, S, and T are directly connected to related functions in the existing N-Building with a large common hall. Reflections about a 24-metre wide building body: The office interior is unusually wide. Shouldn’t the ceiling be closer to six metres high? Perhaps the floor should have been given several levels, in small leaps?

The façade windows are vertical and stretch up above the level of the ceiling. For flexibility of utility the office level should be as cohesive as possible, thus making the interior extensive, wide and long.