Project details

Location: Oslo, Norway

Size: 83.000m²

Client: Tjuvholmen KS

Recognition: 1. Prize invited arch. competition

Built: Masterplan Design 2005

Project description

When your construction is on reclaimed land at harbour’s edge you aren’t restricted by the city’s street grid. When plotting out the streets at Tjuvholmen the focus was on breezes, sunlight and views. This new city district has been given maximum shoreline exposure to the Oslo Fjord with two kilometres of differentiated paths along the quays. The canal, the fjord surface at Filipstad and the beach zone by the park can be perceived as water spaces. A hierarchy of street types has been created at Tjuvholmen, ranging from avenues to narrow alleys. The spaces created have been carefully and dimensionally matched – none are oversized or barren. The buildings have been given moderate heights, allowing the city’s natural hilly landscape to retain its dominant role.

Projects: F1 north: offices, restaurant, shops 15,000 m² 2009, F3: Residential, offices, shops, 19,300 m² 2009, F1 south: Residential, offices, restaurant, 9,200 m², 2010