Tjuvholmen F1 South

Project details

Location: Tjuvholmen, Oslo

Size: 9 200m²



Built: 2010

Project description

Tjuvholmen zone 1 south is a quarter composed of an angular L-shaped building and the oval shaped building, which is located facing the sea.

The oval shaped building is designed with a total of 11 floors where the two lower floors are withdrawn. The building’s proportions, its height and width ratio, adapts to its exposed location.

Round concrete pillars outside the climatized volume of plans 1 and 2 carries the entire residential rotunda from levels 3 to 11 and the main form cantilevers in this direction out over the water and part of the boardwalk. Plan 11 is withdrawn and given an orthogonal geometry which concludes the building’s form against the sky.

The building’s design gives a wide view towards the sea and the sky from all areas. The clear shape helps to give the building identity-creating a signature for Tjuvholmen from a distance.

Al fresco dining on plan 1, office on the 2nd floor, and levels 3 and above is comprised of 92 apartments of varying sizes. The area between the two buildings in this quarter is accessible from Tjuvholmen Allé through a slit in the L-shaped building as well as along the jetty and the quay. This helps mingling between the buildings where outdoor serving is arranged and the adventure of wandering along the water’s edge.