Oslo Atrium

Project details

Location: Oslo, Norway

Size: 28 000m²


Recognition: 1. Prize invited arch. sompetition

Built: 2003

Project description

Oslo Atrium is shaped like a city block and opens in different ways on all sides, toward the starkly contrasting outdoor milieus that currently the mark the site. The building’s exterior is formed as a clear and solid cube, in which various cut-outs and openings provide contact with the interior.

Towards the main entrance, Nyland Allé, the block offers a generous openness to the terraced interior. A sober reserve was intentionally expressed here as a backdrop for the projected spectacular cultural buildings at Bjørvika. In contrast to the building’s stringent, urban exterior, the interior is formed around a rich, monumental, conical central space, which connects office surfaces with galleries and foot bridges. The southern facing, free-standing building body is accentuated as a pavilion building uplifted on tall columns so that the courtyard can be aired out top and bottom against Nyland Allé. Metal, glass and warm travertine are a friendly wave to the old Oslo Central Railway Station and the neighbouring structures to the west.