Project details

Location: Uppsala, Sweden




Built: Not Built

Project description

The building site encompasses the central area of the University of Uppsala and is conceived as a vital meeting place for students, teachers and the general public. Hence, the building opens on all sides and has several entrances. This meeting place has been designed as a generous and appealing garden area, a modern antithesis to the Botanical Gardens across the street. The palace on its hill is Uppsala’s most venerable site. A permit to erect a building nearby requires maintenance of a respectable distance. The construction faces the palace hill and addresses the park on the north and south side of the distinctive edifice: The palace is granted a strong influence on the site plan, like a magnetic field. These facilities make the community function cohesively, providing access to different departments without encumbering them with the nuisance of through-traffic. The building has a light expression and a transparent character. A smooth and unifying roof landscape is supported by slender concrete pillars and faces the park.