NIELSTORP + architects has been one of Norway’s most productive architectural offices since 1984 with significant projects nationally and internationally.

The office is an extended partnership specialising in innovative, project management with fully integrated BIM design on all levels.

For decades, we have shown respect for tradition and culture in our designs for rehabilitation and upgrading of buildings – both externally and internally. Our team of interior architects provide comprehensive solutions in all projects.

The office is known for our social responsibility and for its design of outstanding social meeting places – both inside and outside our buildings.

We have extensive experience with designing master plans for urban areas around the world.  We design residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings, offices, hotels, science centers and sports arenas. In addition our experience cover airports, airport hotels and head offices for international airlines such as Scandinavian Airlines, British Airlines and China Easter Airlines.

Our designs provide optimised experiences and utilisation of natural landscapes with an architecture that suits both built environment and nature. We cooperate with leading environmental and biotechnical scientists to implement solutions for circular economy, urban agriculture and smart cities.

NIELSTORP+ architects believe in creating architecture that contributes to harmony between people, landscape and nature.

We strive for an architecture that is empathetic and sustainable, which is good for people to be in, right now and in the future.