Niels Torp architects are a multi disciplined practice located in Oslo, Norway.

We will have an unstoppable curiosity for people and society and we translate this into forward thinking and vibrant architecture. Through interacting with our clients and within the community framework, we will deliver architecture with empathy at a human scale.
Our architecture shall contribute to a harmonious play between people, landscape and the urban environment.

We will challenge the conventional ideas in the building industry, by being innovative through material selection and detailing, yet rational in implementation, economical in operation and responsible towards community engagement, clients and contractors.

No project is too big or too small. Large schemes are broken down into smaller scale volumes legible at human scales. Our versatility spans from furniture design and interiors, through residential, office, transport and culture buildings to sustainable citywide planning schemes.
The creativity that is demonstrated through our multitude of completed projects, both nationally and worldwide, is now being strengthened by a broadened company structure. The Principal, the Partner and the resource group leaders will gather, develop and integrate new knowledge into our future projects. The strong creative mind will remain. Sustainable-, interior- and landscape design will be strengthened. We will have a sharpened view on building physics, new building materials, public codes and regulations and project management.

The office will be an inclusive, attractive workplace. Our staff consists of talented architects and designers from worldwide. By joining us you will be exposed to challenges and personal development at a high professional level.

The next concept, the next project, the next layout and the next interior shall be even better than our previous, and justifiably deserve it’s place in our built environment.

Organisation and Structure

The practice has a blend of youth and experience consisting of architects, interior architects and urban designers supported by teams of model builders, architectural technicians and administrators. Ours is a cosmopolitan practice, accommodating a wealth of cultures and languages, currently engaged in numerous dynamic projects throughout Norway, Europe, Middle-East and Asia.

Our staffing level has remained at a stable 40 – 70 employees during the last 10 – 15 years due to a steady rate of incoming commissions. The office benefits from many long standing clients and recurring commissions, however we also acquire new projects as a result of successful participation in both open and invited competitions.

Employees work in teams from 2 – 15 people depending on the size and nature of the project. Each project is designed simultaneously from the inside and the outside. Interior architects and model builders along with the architects form part of the initial design team, and remain with the project through to completion.

Each project is assigned a project leader who will be the main point of contact with the client, will be responsible for the project administration, and the design and delivery of production information. As partner and deputy manager of the practice Øyvind Neslein serves as the co-ordinator of project leaders, maintaining an overview on each project to ensure all requirements are delivered. An external board, and the financial manager, Bente Ulvøy Johansen, supervise the company’s economy.

Quality assurance is a primary concern for the practice both in the design and the delivery of each project. The office has an internal management structure, with a ‘leader group’ and resource groups meeting weekly to ensure each project has the resource, knowledge and expertise that it requires.

A wide range of media is used to provide a fast and effective production of drawings and images for each design project, and we continuously assess and develop the process of our presentation technique. Competitions, feasibility studies and conceptual designs may use a mix of models, freehand sketches and computer based mixed media, however once a project reaches the detailed proposals stage the 3D models and drawings will be generated using Autodesk Revit (Including BIM).